Spacer Dampers

The Spacer Damper is a complex product which maintains the spacing of the sub conductors within the prescribed geometry, dissipate the energy introduced in the conductor, resist the short circuit current and resist all mechanical loads caused by the installation and servicing. The range of Spacer Dampers covers all possible applications: Voltage up to 1200KV, Bundle Spacing up to 1200mm, any conductor type (ACSR, AAC, AAAC, ACAR,ACCC, ACSS, HTLS, etc.) and Clamping solutions. We use different combinations of Locking Systems (Bolted Clamping, Preformed Clamping, Boltless Clamping), Clamp types (Cantilever Clamp, Inverted Clamp) and Coupling Types (Metal-Metal, Rubber Liner).  


Due to the complex types of phenomena, it is indispensable that a specific analysis be accurately done for every application to simulate the behavior of the single and bundle conductor in the whole range of frequencies involved. We can carry out these analysis using computerized programs or field tests which are considered necessary to fulfil the specifications. Our close relationship with the Faculty of Engineering of the Polytechnic of Milano allows us to keep our process updated with the latest research made in this field.

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